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  • Gummy Pop

    A delicious bubble shooting adventure to satisfy your sweet tooth!
    From the makers of Bubble Shoot Magic & Bubble Blossom comes an
    extra sweet bubble shooting adventure – Gummy Pop!

Game Play

Take aim and...shoot!

Do you like chocolates, candies, muffins and pastries? Then you’ve come to the right place! Match 3 bubbles to pop bubble bursting bubbles. Help the Kid’s army along with Chef, Candy Maker and more in the fight against the evil Mad-Doc.

Invite your friends from Facebook and go on an epic journey exploring Chocolate Land, Candy Land, Pastries Land, Soda Land and more. Don’t forget to take your toothbrush along as this ride might get too sweet! More than 1500 levels where you can compare your progress with your friends and see who’s the best bubble shooter!



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